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Author: Robert C. McCarthy


Some of the major theological errors that have profoundly influencedthe documents, the "spirit" and the consequences of Vatican II


"In A Critical Examination of the Theology of Karl Rahner, the author synthesizes with notable intelligence and an acute Catholic sense the thinking of the German theologian and provides an objective critique of many of his erroneous points .... The study .... presents the points most opposed to the Catholic Faith.

As an ex-Marine, the author knows where to direct the torpedoes that will sink the ship. The work avoids confusing technical terms and concepts and thus has the advantage of being easily understood .... It only remains for me to congratulate the author for his meritorious work and to wish him a broad diffusion of this useful and opportune study."
(From the foreword by Atila Sinke Guimarães.)


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Un examen crítico de la teología de Karl Rahner

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